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5 Key Things to Look for During a Home Inspection

As a home buyer, it can be tempting to start the celebrations the minute your offer gets accepted, and you deserve that. Buying a house is a huge undertaking and no doubt worth sharing a few toasts. But, before you get too caught up in the moment, remember the home inspection – not only could it end up saving you thousands of dollars, it will also ensure that you’re going into the home purchase with your eyes wide open to any existing or potential future problems.

As a Certified Master Inspector, it’s my job to focus to on the details of your new home. To check every nook and cranny, above and below your home. But even though it’s my job to pay attention to the small things, there are a few big-ticket items you should be aware of as you undergo your home inspection.

Key Things to Look for During a Home Inspection

Water damage – Water and homes do not go well together, and signs of water damage can signal bigger issues with the home. There may also be signs of mold and mildew that should be addressed. Ensuring proper drainage is one way to combat water damage, and this is something your home inspector will look at, too.

Foundation and structural integrity – Over time, homes can settle, which can cause cracks and seepage entry points for water to enter the structure and cause further damage. It goes without saying, no one wants a home on shaky ground.

Roof – Especially in Florida where hurricane winds and rains can find their way into homes any which way, our roofs need to be secure and up to code. If you notice things like loose or missing shingles, unevenness, buckling or curling of shingles, or any other sign of concerning wear and tear, you may want to consider ways to negotiate the sale and plan on getting the roof properly repaired.

Electrical and plumping problems – Electrical issues can be especially hazardous because of the fire risk they can cause, and plumbing problems can also lead to serious – and costly – home issues. Rusty pipes, bad leaks, and many more plumbing problems may signal trouble for the house and budget.

HVAC systems – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should be functioning properly and efficiently in order to maintain healthy air quality in your home.

While these are just a few of the major areas we inspect when looking at homes, it’s important to remember that no home will be perfect. All of the home’s systems have a shelf-life, and sooner or later, you will need to replace the roof, HVAC system, and handle plumbing problems. The home inspector’s job is to ensure the property is safe as well as advise you on when you might expect to replace major home systems, which can be helpful for budgeting purposes.

If you’re looking for an experienced South Florida home inspector, call us at 786-732-0342. At GI Joe Home Inspections, Certified Master Inspector Joe Manners will answer all of your questions and ensure your home is thoroughly inspected.

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