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Selling Your Home? These 4 Things Are Imperative to Repair in Order to Pass a Home Inspection

Home inspections can spark fear in many home sellers because they feel it can be do or die when it comes to closing the deal on their home. And, yes, in fact, it can be for some buyers.

While the reality is there is no pass/fail option when it comes to home inspections, if you want to actually sell your home, there are some serious repairs that should always be taken care of before listing it.

If you’re selling your home, be sure to get these four critical areas in proper condition before listing your property, as they will be sure to raise flags during a home inspection if not taken care of.

1) Roof – In Florida, your roof needs to be in tip-top shape. If there are any signs of water damage from roof leaks, your inspector will likely find it upon visual inspection of the property. The last thing a new home buyer wants to deal with is a roof replacement (some loans may not even be approved if the roof is not in order). Make sure yours is well-maintained and free of damage before listing your home.

2) Foundation – Structural problems are a no-go when it comes to home inspections. If the foundation is faulty, the whole home is at risk.

3) HVAC, Water, Electrical, Plumbing – These often bigger-ticket items can be concerning to buyers not only from a safety perspective (electrical fires…need we say more?) but also from a financial perspective. No one wants to buy a money pit. On the other hand, many plumbing or electrical repairs, like ensuring proper outlets and fixing plumbing leaks, may not be that expensive and could save you from losing out on the sale.

4) Signs of pests or pest damage (termites) – Rid your home of the problem and fix the damage before listing your home for sale.

Home inspections needn’t incite fear in sellers, but they should be taken seriously and full effort should be given in order to ensure a safe and habitable home for the next homeowner. Be sure to get your questions about home inspections answered before listing your home. Call us today at 786-732-0342.

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