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How a Home Inspection Can Save You Money

Buying a house is expensive. On top of the home purchase itself are moving expenses, realtor fees, lender fees, appraisal fees… it seems like the list could go on forever. But there is one very important cost that could end up saving you thousands of dollars – a home inspection.

A home inspection uncovers hidden problems and safety issues

One of the biggest reasons to get a home inspection is that you, as a buyer, get a deep-dive look at potential problems or issues that may arise in your home before you buy. Some major problems may already be present, but without a crawl through the attic or a look in the crawl space, you would never know. Your home inspector will alert you to big and small problems during the buying process and help give you an indication of how much those repairs could cost. Some problems may be so big that they end up being a deal-breaker for you.

A home inspector also helps you understand potential deferred maintenance costs, like approximately how long you have before plumbing, HVAC, or other home equipment will need to be replaced. This is useful for budget planning as well as addressing problems preventatively before they end up costing even more money.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection can provide significant savings on your homeowners insurance

Florida wind mitigation inspections are valid for five years and are another way to keep more money in your pocket. By taking measures to better protect your home from wind, rain, and other storm damage, your insurance company will offer you discounts on your premiums.

Living in South Florida, we know all too well the expenses that come with insuring your property for the event of a storm. Hurricanes are not fun, but dealing with the fall out of a storm can be incredibly detrimental – ensuring that you have great coverage (at a low rate) is paramount. A wind mitigation inspection can help lower your insurance rate – which can enable you to be sure you have the right coverage for your home and valuables.

Home inspections are useful for identifying big- and small-picture problems in a home, and, aside from providing invaluable information to a homeowner, they can also save you money. Call us at 786-732-0342 to learn more about how home inspections can help you protect your investment and save money.

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