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Yes. You Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection if You Live in South Florida.

Maybe you’ve heard murmurings from neighbors about how much they’re saving on homeowners insurance or perhaps your friends have openly discussed significant home safety issues revealed by their home inspector. In either case, your interest has been piqued and you’re ready to know whether a wind mitigation inspection is right for you.

So is it?

Yes, in fact, it is right for you (and all of your friends, family, and neighbors for that matter), but why exactly is that? Let’s dive into what a wind mitigation inspection is and why you should get one if you live in South Florida.

Who benefits from a wind mitigation inspection?

When you hire a certified master inspector to complete a wind mitigation inspection on your home, you will reap significant benefits. This comes not only in the form of reduced insurance premiums, but you’ll also gain peace of mind knowing your home is structurally sound and safe to inhabit (and if it isn’t, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to bring it up to safety standards).

During a wind mitigation inspection, your home inspector pays close attention to how well your property will stand against strong winds and rains. Even the smalles gap or loose roof tile can spell big trouble when hurricane-force winds are barreling down on your home. Fixing these relatively small maintenance issues to strengthen your home will cost pennies compared to the huge expense of having your home destroyed.

Why You Should Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection

As you consider the pros and cons of getting a wind mitigation inspection done on your South Florida home, you may feel like the hurdles of first finding an experienced home inspector and then paying the upfront costs of the inspection are more than you want to bite off. The long-term payoffs, however, are significant and make the small effort worth it.

Depending on your insurance company, the credits alone will more than pay for the inspection, which is valid for five years. Additionally, your inspector may reveal small

maintenance issues in your home that, if not addressed in the short term, could end up costing a whole lot more down the road.

As you consider if a wind mitigation inspection is right for you, consider these benefits and give us a call at 786-732-0342 with questions.

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