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What to Ask Your Home Inspector While They Are On-Site

Your home inspection will generally last at least two hours, depending on your property, its size, and location. While you’re not expected to be there for that entire time (or any of it, for that matter), I strongly encourage my clients to join me for at least part of it so we have an opportunity to discuss the property and answer any questions.

As a home owner, this one-on-one time with your home inspector is your chance to get their expertise and insight on a range of topics related to homeownership, and specifically, home ownership of your pending property.

5 Questions to ask your inspector

1. What is the condition of the roof? In Florida, roofs are everything. If shingles are missing, drainage is poor, or there are other signs of serious wear and tear, it might signal buyer beware.

2. Can you please clarify what [fill in the blank problem] means? Since you have your inspector’s full attention, it’s great time to ask follow-up questions related to anything you’re unsure about, especially if acronyms or unfamiliar terminology is used.

3. How would you prioritize repairs on this property? No home will be completely free of flaws. Since your inspector has had a chance to evaluate the entire home, he or she will be in a good position to help you evaluate which problems are major and which problems are minor. In Florida, roofs, windows and doors are often good places to consider, but it all depends on the home and its location.

4. Do you have recommendations for experts I should speak to? Depending on the problem uncovered, you may want to have follow-up conversations with an expert on the problem. Your inspector may be able to point you in the right direction.

5. What are some of your biggest concerns about the property? This question gets at the broader evaluation of the property and is another chance to see the big picture of what the issues are and ask about how much they could cost. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide if what’s uncovered in the inspector’s report will make or break your home purchase deal.

Home inspections are useful opportunities to learn more about the good, bad, and ugly of a property. Make sure your questions get answered by turning to a home inspector you can trust. Call us today at 786-732-0342 with questions.

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